Cindy Richards

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When we have a child, our job as parents is to help our children grow up and spread their wings as they become young adults. Have you ever stopped to think what happens in the family who has a child with significant health care needs when their child becomes an adult? These families lose their school environment, age-out of pediatric services and it is left to the parents to find life-long learning opportunities and stimulation for their young adult. I have witnessed this first hand working with children for 22 years and it has become very apparent that there are very limited resources in the community for this population as they chronologically reach adulthood. Nest Academy was founded to fill this void in the community. As a board member, I am proud to see the passion and commitment of the parents shine through this program as it begins to flourish. I would love for you to help me support this much-needed program and participate in the walk-a-thon with me.