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Christopher was born with cerebral palsy, likely due to only having a two-vessel umbilical cord resulting in the lack of oxygen to the brain. He has also been diagnosed with Septo-Optic dysplasia, a degenerative eye nerve condition causing him to gradually lose his eyesight over the first 15 years of his life.  Christopher has severe hearing loss in his left ear and moderate loss in his right, but he still loves spending his time listening to music. He can walk with his walker, yet his lack of balance means most of his time is spent in a wheelchair for longer distance. In the past 23 years, not even a hole in his heart or his severe scoliosis can inhibit Christopher from enjoying his life. About 6 years ago, he developed a swallowing disorder requiring him to go on a puree diet.  Self feeding became more complicated with soft foods due to the poor eye-hand coordination.  He thrives when he is spending time with friends, listening to music, going on walks, and hanging out with his family, especially his energetic brother!    

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