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Meet the Team

Our Team


Suzanne Bowers

Executive Director

Suzanne Bowers is the new Executive Director of Nest Academy RVA! With a degree in Education and almost twenty years as a nonprofit executive, Suzanne has devoted her career to empowering and supporting the disability community.  Suzanne has served on numerous local, state, and federal disability task forces, stakeholder groups, and disability advisory boards. With a certification in Nonprofit Management, she has served as a nonprofit and HR consultant for various organizations and professional boards.  She brings her expertise and passion to Nest Academy to continue to grow the Nest community and expand outreach and opportunities for individuals with complex medical and intellectual disabilities! Suzanne believes in continuing to educate communities on how to understand, support, and engage individuals with disabilities so that everyone feels welcome and empowered to be active members of their community.

Suzanne enjoys spending time with friends and family (including her dogs), being outdoors, and reading.


Jennie Raugh

Thriving Together Program Leader

Jennie Raugh boasts an impressive career as a special educator, accumulating over 35 years of invaluable experience. Her unwavering commitment has left a lasting impact on countless students. Throughout her journey, Jennie has navigated a diverse array of educational settings, showcasing her adaptability and passion. As the Director at Camp Baker, Jennie provided visionary leadership, ensuring a nurturing environment for campers to thrive. Within Chesterfield County Schools, her teaching prowess enriched the lives of students with special needs, fostering growth and learning. Jennie’s role in supervising group homes extended beyond the classroom, supporting individuals in their daily lives. At Commonwealth Music Therapy, she creatively contributed to students’ well-being through therapeutic approaches.

Jennie’s dedication to special education traces back to a poignant encounter during a summer before high school. She met a young boy with Down syndrome who boldly proposed to her. Remarkably, they both attended the same high school. This heartfelt experience ignited Jennie’s passion for the special needs community. Her genuine care and understanding have helped countless members flourish.

Jennie resides in Bon Air alongside her husband and three children. Her home life mirrors the warmth and compassion she brings to her work. Beyond her educational endeavors, Jennie enjoys cooking, harbors a soft spot for animals, and even plays the violin—a harmonious extension of her caring spirit.

Jennie Raugh’s multifaceted talents continue to make a positive impact, nurturing growth and fostering a sense of belonging for those she serves.


Sara Mar

Office Manager

Eileen Everingham joins Nest Academy RVA, bringing a wealth of experience in Special Education: Adapted Curriculum and six years of dedicated teaching in the field. As a former special education teacher, Eileen offers diverse perspectives and deep insights to strengthen the mission of this growing nonprofit. Her journey in supporting individuals with disabilities began in her own youth, navigating special education herself, and blossomed through dedicated volunteering before stepping into the educator role. 

Eileen is driven by a strong commitment to empower individuals with disabilities and their families, fostering inclusivity, understanding, and advocacy within their communities. Outside of her professional pursuits, she channels her energy into competitive powerlifting, as well as finding solace and joy in the outdoors, particularly by the water. Always eager for new experiences and adventures, Eileen embraces learning with an open heart and a zest for life. 

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