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Be part of the founding family of Nest Academy RVA by donating now!    Here are several ways:

  • By credit card using this link:  Donate


  • Transfer to our Wells Fargo Checking account: Contact us for banking information


  • Mail a check to: Nest Academy RVA, 6100 Chamberlayne Road, Richmond, Virginia 23227

  • ​Purchase a T-shirt - Nest Academy will receive a small profit from the sales of t-shirts

  • Purchase a unique upcycled tote.  Totes are to Nest what cookies are to Girl Souts.  Our volunteers and members make and sell our totes. 


  • A tax saving method to minimize capitals gains is to gift stocks with capital gains or use a Brokerage Charitable Fund or RMD. This could boost your gift from 10-25% depending on your tax bracket. Gift stocks to Wells Fargo Brokerage account: 2443-6825


For example: If you have stock you bought for $20 several years ago and now it is worth $50. If you sell it, you will be subject to capital gains tax on the appreciation of $30. If you are in the 25% tax bracket, the stock cash value to you will be $43, losing ~$7 in taxes. But if you donated this to Nest, Nest would net the $50 vs $43 value and if you itemize on your tax returns you could potentially deduct $50 from your taxes.

  • Donor Advised funds - Consider donating to Nest by selecting Nest Academy RVA for distributions of Donor-Advised Funds.  A donor-advised fund allows you to give back to a cause that’s close to your heart while reducing appreciated stock capital gains tax.



Any donation over $250 will be issued a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE receipt in January.

If you shop with Kroger you can choose Nest Academy as the non-profit you wish to support each time you use your Kroger Plus Card. 

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