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Alex has multiple disabilities.  Her primary diagnosis is Grin2b mutation.  Grin2b is the name of the gene located on the 12th chromosome that is responsible for sending chemical messages to the brain that spontaneously mutated upon conception.  Alex also suffers from Lennox Gastaut Syndrome; a severe form of epilepsy, Dystonia and Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy.  Alex is g-tube and cecostomy tube dependent.  Alex is non- mobile, non-verbal and is dependent on her parents for all daily life skills.   Alex receives physical therapy twice a week and has multiple devices at home to help her with positioning, strengthening, and for keeping her safe.  Although Alex cannot speak, she says a lot with her eyes.  Alex loves being around her peers and being active in the community.  Alex loves going to school and riding the bus.  She loves shopping, swimming and any type of water activities.  Alex enjoys participating in all kinds of adaptive sports through Jacob's Chance and participating in races and marathons with her friends with Inclusive Racing.  

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